Blind Passions

ΤΥΦΛΑ ΠΑΘΗ (BLIND PASSIONS) (2010) 33′, TV period drama

A one-off TV episode

Directed and independently produced by Tonia Mishiali.

Co-written by Tonia Mishiali, Fivos Georgiades and Kyriakos Kyriakou.

Main Cast: Alexia Charalambidou, Ermina Kyriazi, Andreas Tselepos, Panayiotis Larkou, Charis Evripidou, Ioanna Kordatou

Supporting Cast: Nadia Charalambous, Adriani Maleni, Charis Pishias, Nikos Koromias, Skevos Polycarpou, Christiana Mouzoura

DOP: Alexis Lanitis

Art Director: Andy Bargilly

Music Score: Yiannis Savvides and Jean-Paul Sacy

Editing: Tonia Mishiali

Wardrobe: Miranda Theodoridou

The film is now being represented by Psefionline Distribution Company and is available for sale on DVD. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.

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Based on true events in Cyprus, “Blind Passions” is a short period drama about love, passion…and its consequences.
Christmas 1935 – Philippos, a poor young man is passionately in love with Giorgoulla, the daughter of Neophytos, a wealthy, arrogant man. Philippos knows that if he asks Giorgoulla’s hand in marriage he will be turned down because of his low social status. His passion for the young lady makes him do something inconceivable for that period on the island: ignoring his friend’s indications, he follows Giorgoulla on Christmas day. He stuns her by grabbing her from the back, tries to tell her that he is in love with her and forcefully kisses her. She struggles to get away but Philippos manages to do so when her cousin Niki arrives at the scene. Philippos runs away. When Giorgoulla tells her parents what happened, they turn to the local police. Neophytos is furious with Philippos and demands that he gets arrested and put to jail. Events take an unexpected turn and someone ends up… murdered!

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