Last show…

On Sunday 26th May was the last show of the play “Αιώνες μακριά από την Αλάσκα” (Centuries away from Alaska) a play written by Greek playwright Akis Demou and directed by myself for Dionysos Theatre in Nicosia.

It was fun, creative, and definitely a challenge since we managed to stage the performance in only 3 weeks!

I can say that the play was a success.

Working with good collaborators is also what makes your work look better! Thank you Nico, Elena, George, Christo, Maria, Angelica and Joanna!

Highlights from the play to be uploaded soon. Stay tuned…

ALASKA premiere-04-1

beautiful sky… beautiful baby

I saw the sky the other day and it was glowing… it was so beautiful- it had rained the day before and it was so clear!

I had to convince my daughter to come and pose for me… I have to admit it was a quick shoot as we had other engagements an hour later… so we rushed to the top of the hill near our house.

Here are some of the results…

ARIA_SKY-16-1-2-1 ARIA_SKY-16-1-1 ARIA_SKY-12-1-2-1 ARIA_SKY-20-1-2 ARIA_SKY-20-1-1