Inanimate Collateral Loop


Inanimate Collateral Loop (2011) 45′, performance

Concept/Direction/Design of visual environment: Tonia Mishiali, Angelica Georghiades, Anna Fotiadou

Choreography: Angelica Georghiades

Choreography/Performance: Panos Makris, Melissa Garcia Carro

Video Art: Tonia Mishiali, Anna Fotiadou

Music composer: Christopher Malapitan

Lighting Design: Alexis Lanitis


A performance that attempts an experimental, interactive study on the ‘battle’ between the perspective of a natural function and the perception of an imaginary condition. Between memory and its loss, an ever changing narrative is being created: A continuous play of physical and emotional challenges, an aspect of reality that is abstract, but, which is nonetheless real. Virtual and reality merge, creating the illusion of a space that extends beyond the natural boundaries of a stage.

The performance was part of the Vice-Versa program by DanceLab Nicosia, under the auspices of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education & Culture Cyprus.

Performance duration: 45΄ (Three performances run, one every 15min, for a – literally – different view of the show)

The first fifteen minutes of the performance Inanimate Collateral Loop was recorded and edited to a final video which participated in a group video exhibition called “Undefine” at Marl’s Glass-Box Museum (Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl), Marl-Germany.

You can watch the video below:



The trailer of Inanimate Collateral Loop

Below are some photos from the performance:

IMG_2057 IMG_2060 IMG_2082 IMG_2055 IMG_2042 IMG_2119 IMG_2112 IMG_2109 IMG_2123 IMG_2138 IMG_2153 IMG_2159 IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2175 IMG_2185 IMG_2191

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