Inanimate Collateral Loop_part II / Video art

Inanimate Collateral Loop_part II

by Project.If and Sold Out (Tonia Mishiali, Angelica Georghiades, Anna Fotiadou)

Concept/Direction/Design of visual environment: Tonia MIshiali, Angelica Georghiades, Anna Fotiadou

Video Art: Tonia Mishiali, Anna Fotiadou

The performance attempted an experimental, interactive study on the ‘battle’ between the perspective of a natural function and the perception of an imaginary condition. Between memory and its loss, an ever changing narrative is being created: A continuous play of physical and emotional challenges, an aspect of reality that is abstract, but, which is nonetheless real. Virtual and reality merge… Through a journey in the reminiscence of “Inanimate Collateral Loop Part I”… a question arises: is it all real?


Below are some photos that the video art is visible:

_N8Y0641 _N8Y0752 _N8Y0755 _N8Y0761 _N8Y0772 _N8Y0775 _N8Y0776 _N8Y0788 _N8Y0802 _N8Y0810 _N8Y0812   _N8Y0817    _N8Y0857  _N8Y0880 _N8Y0889 _N8Y0898 _N8Y0902 _N8Y0906

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