tv shows/series/documentaries

The list below is only a selection of Tonia’s work for TV:


Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cyprus (2010)

A TV show covering Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cyprus in 2010 broadcasted from CYBC (Cyprus National TV Channel).


Presidential Elections (2008)

A TV show covering the Presidential Elections in Cyprus in 2008 broadcasted from PLUS TV.


Ειρήνη (Peace) (2001) 35′, short film

A short film made for television that was entirely filmed by High School Students. The film was funded by C.N.T.I. of the Programme Youth Promoting Peace.

Editor: Tonia Mishiali


Μάγοι -μαγειρεύματα (Magical cooking!), Και τι καλά (How nice!), Παλαμάκια (Clapping), Γέλα Χαμογέλα (Laughs and Smiles), Άλφαβήτα (Alphabet), Με το Νι και με το Σίγμα (With precision) (1999-2006) 25 min., Children’s TV shows

Six 25-min children’s television shows, produced by L&K Educational Co.

Director: Lia Kasiou

Editor: Tonia Mishiali

Broadcasted on CYBC1, CYBC2 and SIGMA TV.


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