MAYA | 100min. | Cyprus | drama

(previous working titles: HAMBIS AND THE GOBLINS and MOONSTRUCK)

A film by Tonia Mishiali
Status: In development  |  Genre: Fantasy/Drama


Short Synopsis:

It’s Christmas time. Psychiatrist Maya hates this time of year, mostly because she has many urges that she cannot explain or control. After the death of her estranged father, she inherits the family house in the far-away village Black Pine. She has no intention of visiting, until things at work get out of control and she is forced to take unpaid leave. When she does visit the village, against the advice of her mother, she discovers that she is part of an urban legend herself, and the villagers believe that the goblins, who come up from under the earth during the twelve days of Christmas, killed her and her mother many many years ago. But the truth will be unveiled and Maya will be led to big discoveries about the legend, the myths about the goblins, but also about herself.


*** The film has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus for SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT.

*** The script has been developed through Sources2 Scriptwriting Workshop.

*** The film was awarded with MERIT at the 2018 Scriptwriters Guild of Greece Awards

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