Olympus Hotel

A short film script written by Tonia Mishiali in 2002.

A contemporary comic version of the myth about the love between Paris and Helen of Troy.

The film has not yet been produced.


Aphrodite is the owner of the cafeteria in Hotel Olympus, a place where couples fall in love as soon as they taste her perfect “magical” apple pie. Paris is a farmer and sells his apples to Aphrodite with which she makes her perfect apple pies. Eleni is obsessed with making apple pies herself, only she is no good at it. She and Menelaus (her husband) visit the hotel for holidays and Eleni finds out about the apple pies in the cafeteria. Aphrodite offers to teach Eleni how to make the “perfect” apple pie. Little does Eleni know of the Goddess of love’s scheme…

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