Dead End

A short film written, directed and produced by Tonia Mishiali.

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Year of production: 2013

Duration: 15′

Genre: drama


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Co-funded by the Ministry of Education & Culture Cyprus (Cinema Advisory Committee) and Tonia Mishiali.

Sponsored by MetlifeAlico, Full Moon Productions, Cyprus Audiology Centre, Xenofontos Opticians, Miss Coffee Espresso Bar, K-Cineplex.

Main Cast: Fivos Georgiades, Elli Kyriakidou

Supporting Cast: Alexia Charalambidou, Nikandros Savvides, Maria Moustaka, Angelica Spyrou, Demas Demosthenous

DOP: Nicos Avraamides

Set Designer: Lisa Tsouloupas

Original Music Score: Christopher Malapitan

Production Manager: Costas Pitsillides

Sound Recording & Sound Design: Marco Lopez

Editing: Tonia Mishiali

Colour Grading : Panicos Petrides – Full Moon Productions


  1. “Silver Dionysos” Award (2nd prize for narrative film) at the Short Film Festival in Drama (36th edition)
  2. “Best Director” Award at the Athens International Film Festival “Opening Nights” (National Competition) (19th edition)
  3. “Michael Cacoyiannis Directing Award” at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (3rd edition) (National Competition)
  4. Special Mention for “Best Sound Design” at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (3rd edition) (National Competition)
  5. Cinematic Achievement Award at the Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (7th edition)


  1. Locarno Film Festival (66th edition),Locarno, Switzerland (7-17 August 2013) – World Premiere
  2. Short Film Festival in Drama (36th edition), Drama, Greece (16-21 Sept. 2013)
  3. Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival (19th edition), Bristol, UK (Brief Encounters) (17-22 September 2013)
  4. Athens International Film Festival “Opening Nights” (National Competition) (19th edition), Athens, Greece (19-29 Sept. 2013)
  5. “Vilnius Film Shorts” International Short Film Festival (8th edition), Vilnius, Lithuania (10-13 Sept. 2013)
  6. ISFFC  International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (3rd edition), Limassol, Cyprus (12-18 October 2013) – (National & International Competitions)
  7. Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (7th edition), Thessaloniki, Greece (20-26 Oct. 2013)
  8. CAM Festival of Short Films (3rd edition), Cairo, Egypt (21-26 Oct. 2013)
  9. The Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema 2013 (23rd edition), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (31 Oct.-7 Nov. 2013)
  10. Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF 2013) (11th edition), Seoul, Korea (7-12 November 2013)
  11. Cork Film Festival (58th edition), Cork, Ireland (9-17 Nov. 2013)
  12. International Short Film Festival Leuven (19th edition), Leuven, Belgium (30 Nov.-7 Dec. 2013)
  13. International Short Film Festival Zubroffka (8th edition), Bialystok, Poland (4-8 Dec. 2013)
  14. Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF) (5th edition), Berlin, Germany (8-18 Feb. 2014)
  15. WOW Film Festival (World of Women’s Cinema) (19th edition), Sydney, Australia (4-14 March 2014)
  16. Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) (13th edition), Rome, Italy (16-23 March 2014)
  17. European Cinema Festival of Lille (30th edition), Lille, France (28 March-4 April 2014)
  18. Skepto International Short Film Festival (5th edition), Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy (9-12 April 2014)
  19. Busan International Short Film Festival (31st edition), Busan, South Korea (25 April–29 April 2014)
  20. Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival (6th edition), Cork, Ireland (21-25 May 2014 )
  21. Palm Springs International Short Film Festival (20th edition), Palm Springs, California, USA (17-23 June 2014)
  22. “Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival (11th edition), Yerevan, Armenia (13-20 July 2014)
  23. San Giò Verona Video Festival (20th edition), Verona, Italy (23-27 July 2014)
  24. Divan Film Festival (5th edition), Romania (26 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2014)
  25. Bolgatty International Film Festival 2014, Kochi, Kerala, India (11-15 Sept. 2014)
  26. Adana Golden Boll Film Festival (21st edition), Adana, Turkey (16-20 Sept. 2014)
  27. Love & Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival (20th edition), Helsinki, Finland (18-28 Sept. 2014)
  28. London Greek Film Festival (7th edition), London, UK (6-18 October 2014)
  29. Mediterranean Film Festival of Tangiers (12th edition), Tangiers, Morocco (13-18 October 2014)
  30. Signes de nuit, Berlin, Germany / Paris, France (5-15 Dec 2014)
  31. Courts des Iles (3rd edition), Tahiti, French Polynesia (9-15 March 2015)
  32. SEEfest (South East European Film Festival) (10th edition), Los Angeles, California (30 April-7May 2015)
  33. San Fransisco Greek Film Festival (12th edition) San Fransisco, California (9-17 May 2015)


  1. Thessaloniki International Film Festival (54th edition), Thessalloniki, Greece (1-10 Nov. 2013)
  2. “Six of the Best” (A selection of the best films of Cork Film Festival) (58th edition), Cork, Ireland (17 Nov. 2013)
  3. “Cyprus Unplugged” Event at Palais des Beaux Arts Bozar, Brussels, Belgium (9 Dec. 2013)
  4. “Short Film Day” Event, Nicosia, Cyprus (21 Dec. 2013)
  5. EcransMed: Screenings from the Mediterranean Film Festival (3rd edition), Montreal & Quebec, Canada (10-21 May 2014)
  6. “Summer short film screenings” at Virsodepsio, Athens, Greece (15 May 2014)
  7. “Best of Greek Films” at Festival Tous Courts (32nd edition), Aix-en-Provence, France (1-6 Dec. 2014)
  8. ‘Cinema at the Castle’ Event in Larnaca, Cyprus (ISFFC) (4 July 2015)
  9. Arts & Algorithms International Short Film Festival, Titusville, Florida (5-11 Oct. 2015)



The loss of youth, social and professional activity intensifies the sense of loneliness, the obsessions and the “dead end” in the common life of an elderly couple. 

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Some stills from the film:

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